Ametek 30 Data

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Ametek 30 VDC Motor Data

Actual output data on the Ametek 30 VDC motor, based on shorted amperage times open voltage.

Ametek 30VDC
rpm's Open Volts Shorted Amps
550 18.5V 5.3 Amps
600 20.0V 5.7 Amps
700 23.4V 6.5 Amps
800 26.9V 7.2 Amps
900 30.0V 8.0 Amps
1000 33.5V 8.7 Amps

Thus making this a good generator for a 12 or 24 volt systems at .0334 volts per rpm.

Ametek 99 VDC Motor Data

This motor can generate 1 kw of power.
This is a RARE and hard to find, very high output generator with the ability to produce over 1 KW of power.

Note: This is Instantaneous Output, and not "Real World"
 since it is based on shorted amperage times open voltage.

Ametek 99VDC


rpm's Open Volts Shorted Amps
350 13.2V 13.7 Amps
550 21.0V 24.7 Amps
650 24.5V 23.6 Amps
750 28.3V 26.2 Amps
850 31.9V 28.2 Amps

Breaks 1 kW

950 35.5V 29.3 Amps

1.1 kW

1000 37.2 30.8 Amps

1.2 kW

1050 39.0 31.2 Amps

A super high output 12 or 24 volt system @ .0377 volts per rpm.

It is a very torque hungry generator and runs well with 4 blades of 6 ft length.



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