Grass Pavers - Green Driveway


Green Driveway - Grass Pavers

What is a GREEN Driveway?Gass Pavers using plastic cells

Rather than covering your driveway in gravel, asphalt, cement or with blocks (traditional pavers), a "green" driveway uses special "honeycomb" style pavers, with grass growing in the holes. These special blocks are often called Turf or Grass pavers and are hollow blocks used for the construction of permeable pavements. Cells made from recycled plastics are also available and usually allow even more space for grass to grow.

Grass driveways start with a grid-like structure, referred to as a ‘honeycomb’ system. Once this grid is installed, sand or gravel is added inside the grid and then topsoil is added on top. This helps to prevent the turf or grass from settling and allows for some filtration of run-off water.

A hardy, short grass or turf, is planted within the grid system. The end product is a grass or turf covered structure which you can drive over and park on. The grid system protects the grass roots, as well as reducing storm water runoff, resulting in a very durable grass driveway. Grass and Turf pavers have be in wide use for erosion control and are gaining acceptance in residential driveways.

Residential Uses Green Pavers - cement

  • Driveways & Parking spaces
  • Walkways and paths

Commercial Uses

  • Walkways
  • Trails
  • Parking lots
  • Golf cart paths Green Pavers - cement
  • Emergency and fire lane access.
  • Erosion control
  • Drainage channels


  • Reduce storm water runoff and pollution
  • Reduce "island heating" effect in cities
  • Turf pavers help to stabilize the soil - used for sloping or steep land
  • Grass/Turf Pavers prevent ruts, by supporting the weight of traffic and loads.


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